Local Delivery Now Available!

Temporary Delivery Service

QUICK DIRECTIONS: Order coffee and select "Local Pickup" and time window as usual - then fill out YOUR LOCAL DELIVERY address. We will contact you to make sure everything is correct!


GOOD NEWS! - We will deliver your coffee boxes and other purchases to the address of your choice within the state of West Virginia depending on distance from Harpers Ferry / Charles Town. At this time, this service is FREE OF CHARGE.

THE ONLY BAD NEWS. - We have to temporarily suspend serving coffee on Wednesday evenings and pickups at St James Catholic Church in Charles Town.

GOOD NEWS! - We will make deliveries on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays.

GOOD NEWS! - This does not have to be complicated. Text us or call us *(703)229-7822* that you'd like coffee and we can ring you up when we get there, you can pay us with cash, or you can order it online as usual and just select local pickup and we'll contact you for the details. 

GOOD NEWS! - You can leave payment in a designated area on your porch. We will wash our hands and/or apply hand santizer before and after touching...well, everything.

GOOD NEWS! - We have plenty of coffee beans in stock, purchased weeks ago. Our filtered alkalized water machine is in house. Our boxes are stocked and were also delivered weeks ago. 

GOOD NEWS! - We pray daily for all of our customers and their families!