Café open Mon-Fri 7-5:30pm and Sat 8-4pm - Gourmet Sandwiches, Pastries, Cold Brew Lattés, Espresso Drinks, Gift Shop

About Us

Joan + Joe Coffee was founded because of a sweet spark of an idea by wife, Veron, of husband, Duncan. An upcoming fundraising concert was happening at their church and though there would be several splendid vendors, no one was serving coffee. Veron thought, “Well, we love coffee, and it would be a really fun, marriage building project to make and serve coffee to our friends at the concert.” Duncan not only thought it was a great idea, but added to the idea right away. “Cold Brew is the BEST! We love our friends and want to serve them only the best!”

The concert premier was a hit and Joan + Joe Coffee was born. Serving organic cold brewed coffee to our local friends and the finest, fascinating, and delightful products to everyone online, Joan + Joe Coffee is a sweet example of the true, good, and beautiful. 

Why Joan + Joe? Patroness of France, youngest woman to lead an army, hero for Christ, Joan of Arc is the Joan of Joan + Joe. She is Veron’s Patron Saint. (A Patron Saint is one in heaven whom we ask to pray for us.) And Joe? Silent Protector, Spouse of the Mother of God, Mirror of Patience, Saint Joseph is Duncan’s Patron Saint and the Joe of Joan + Joe Coffee. 

Duncan and Veron both love to serve their friends, especially when they get to have great conversation. Coffee brings people together, just like a good meal, and the more we get together, the better we will be!